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Chiropractic Equipment In Brooklyn WI

Welcome to Richelieu Chiropractic Equipment. Our main objective in entering the field of chiropractic equipment in Brooklyn WI has been to further the science and art of chiropractic health care, practiced by Dr. C.S. Gonstead. With his thorough understanding of body mechanics, he was able to devise and perfect the Cervical chair, Kneechest, and Pelvic bench...all of which he used so effectively in his practice. We have added the trapezoidal Slot bench, which is a dimensional modification of the standard pelvic bench.

Chiropractic Equipment Brooklyn WI Knee Chest Stand


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Richelieu Chiropractic Equipment

The use of this equipment is essential to the proper application of Dr. Gonstead’s work. Likewise, the availability of properly constructed equipment is equally essential for the Gonstead results. To this end, we are manufacturing this equipment to exact Gonstead specifications. We assure you that our products are of the highest quality in both materials and workmanship and fully warranted. We would like to send you our brochure along with the current fabrics we offer. Just go to our Request Page and we will get them right out to you!

Please send payments to 4980 Tony Ln, Brooklyn WI 53521.

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