Chiropractic Equipment Recovering Kits

Chiropractic Equipment Brooklyn WI Recovering Kit

We offer pre-sewn fabric kits for the recovery of your existing Richelieu-Built Chiropractic equipment!

We thank you for your past business and we trust our equipment is serving you well. However, as we all know, the fabric has to withstand the punishment of many adjustments.

Get More From Your Richelieu-Built Chiropractic Equipment

Many of you have contacted us regarding the recovery of your equipment and we will, certainly, recover any of the Cervical chairs, Pelvic, Slot, and Knee-chest tables that we manufacture if you so desire.

However, the many miles that put some of us apart have created the challenge of shipping to and from our manufacturing facility. As a solution, and using the fabrics that we currently offer, we now have recovering kits that would include the necessary items needed to revitalize each piece of equipment. Working with your upholsterer, you can supply them with pre-sewn fabric envelopes along with the necessary custom foams to restore your equipment.

Note: These kits will only fit Richelieu crafted equipment.

Recovery Kit Contents

Our recovering packages would include:

  • Necessary foams (Upholsterer would need to cut)
  • Presewn fabric envelopes (ready for installation)
  • Cording
  • Belts for Knee-Chest and Cervical Chair
  • Throws for Pelvic Bench and Slot Table
  • Pillow

Prices for the kits are as follows:

  • Knee-Chest Stand.......$241.50
  • Cervical Chair..............$241.50
  • Pelvic Bench................$297.85
  • Slot Table.....................$325.45

Pillows, belts, and throws will be ready to use when received.


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