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Chiropractic Equipment Brooklyn WI Equipment

Complete 3 pc. sets are packaged in 2 cartons. The larger box contains the Pelvic Bench and Cervical Chair. Also, included in this carton are the bench and chair legs, pillow, belts, and throws. The smaller carton contains the Knee- Chest Stand. This unit needs no assembly.

Tools required for assembly are:

  1. Adjustable crescent wrench or 7/16" & 9/16" open end wrenches
  2. Phillips screwdriver

Pelvic Bench/Slot Table

Place main frame on a clean surface with the fabric side down. Loosen the three 9/16"nuts at each corner. Insert the legs to a full stop position against the filler board. Tighten all nuts securely.

Note: An exclusive feature of our Pelvic Bench design provides adjustable bench height. Adjustments range from 17" to 23."(Unless otherwise instructed, all legs will be factory set at 19"). Adjustment, in one inch increments, is provided by resetting the stop bolt in the telescoped portion of the leg assembly. The casters on the bottom of the leg assembly permit leveling of the Pelvic Bench and an additional 1" of adjustment range.

Chiropractic Equipment Brooklyn WI Assembly


The procedure for installation of the legs on the chair is similar to that of the Pelvic Bench.

The two long legs are for the rear of the chair and the shorter legs are for the front. Casters are provided on each leg for leveling. The chair back is attached to the base hinges with the screws provided.

Chiropractic Equipment Brooklyn WI Rear Leg
Chiropractic Equipment Brooklyn WI Front Leg

Care and Maintenance in Brooklyn WI

These furniture pieces are supplied with top quality Nylon fabric. All fabric is Scotch Guard protected at the factory. Use only a mild detergent and water in cleaning the surface. Do not saturate fabric when cleaning.


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